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6:32 | Introduction- GITTE Sætre
13:20 |Opening- Global Threats to Press Freedom, STEFANIA Maurizi
1:20:00 | Debate- JAN Landro (moderator), EIRIN Eikefjord, GISLE Selnes, RUNE Ottosen, EIRIK Løkke
2:18:00 | Arbitrary Detention, MADS Andenas

Global Threats to Press Freedom

22.August | 7pm | MediaCity Bergen

The Courage Foundation, supported by Norwegian PEN and Fritt Ord, announces "Global Threats to Press Freedom", a discussion at MediaCity Bergen on the arrest of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange and attacks on the freedom of the press around the world. The event follows a three-week installation of WeAreMillions, a photo campaign in support of Assange, which artists exhibited in Bergen.

#FreePress #FreeAssange

If Julian Assange is extradited to the US, he will be the first journalist ever to be prosecuted under the Espionage Act, facing 175 years in prison

Jeremy Scahill

Jeremy Scahill

Journalist, co-founder of The Intercept

"Regardless of your opinion on Assange, his persecution is a threat to journalism everywhere. Newsrooms and free press organisations around the world have condemned the charges against Assange, as his conviction would criminalise investigative reporting and its ability to hold governments accountable."

Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald

Journalist, co-founder of The Intercept, Pulitzer winning journalist

"The criminal case against Assange, if it were to succeed, would provide the perfect blueprint, the most powerful precedent imaginable, for criminalizing journalism in the United States." ...Read more

Matt Taibi

Matt Taibi

Journalist, contributing editor for Rolling Stone, Author of HATE INC

"The Assange case is more than the narrow prosecution of one controversial person. This is a crossroads moment for the whole world, for speech, reporting, and transparent governance." ...Read more


The following speakers have been invited to participate in the discussion. Other critics of the exhibition and Assange have been contacted to participate and we are awaiting their confirmation. This list will be updated upon confirmation.

stefania maurizi

Stefania Maurizi

Journalist working for La Repubblica, worked on all WikiLeaks releases and on Snowden files with Glenn Greenwald


"I want to see Julian Assange and his team free and safe because I want to live in a society where journalists and their sources can expose the highest levels of power without having to flee to Russia or risk their necks. That is what freedom of the press is"

Eirin Eikefjord photo

Eirin Eikefjord

Journalist, BT


“Dette er bare noen av de drøye påstandene Julian Assange kom med under Holberg-debatten på lørdag. Temaet var «Propaganda, facts and fake news». De kunne lagt til paranoia.“ Article

Jan Landro

Jan Landro

Discussion moderator

Jan Landro

Jan H Landro is an author, journalist and regular contributor to Dag og Tid, former culture editor of Bergens Tidende

Mads Andenas

UiO Law Professor,Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London, UN special rapporteur, UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention


“They do show that from what I’ve heard is very close to, if not crossing the threshold for misfeasance, it is disloyal to the legal system, it leaves us, who follow this case, with very little confidence in the rule of law. And it is clearly a breach of duty to indicate something like what we now expect was, or we are pretty sure was requested.“ Video (Norwegian)

Gisle Selnes

Gisle Selnes

UiB professor, Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies


“The Assange case revolves around an organized and real attack on freedom of speech and uncompromising journalism, which makes it particularly distasteful to see the liberal commentary marching in sync. That no Norwegian commentators have defended Assange and WikiLeaks' journalistic and activist methods, is so the cause. “ Article

Rune's photo

Rune Ottosen

Speaker, Norsk PEN, Professor at Oslo Metropolitan University

Norsk PEN markerer protest mot trussel om utlevering av Julian Assang fra Storbritannia til USA utenfor den britiske ambassaden

Gitte Sætre photo

Gitte Sætre

Host/ konferansier, Multidisciplinary Artist

Debate editor at Kunsthall 3.14, multidisciplinary artist, working with dialogue-based art, performance, photography, video and sound. Sætre's oeuvre deals with current and relevant issues, such as climate change, neoliberal ideological patterns, as well as cultural radicalism.

Eirik Løkke's photo

Eirik Løkke

Tankesmien Civita, sitter i redaksjonsrådet til Tidsskriftet Minerva


"It is of course Helmich Pedersens privilege to choose his political battles, but considering that Assange has become a great threat towards privacy and democracy, he should not be surprised if he doesn´t get support from us on the liberal left wing" Article


Does a lifetime incarceration of Julian Assange pose a threat to press freedom worldwide?
A panel of guests will discuss this question and more after an introduction from La Republica journalist, Stefania Maurizi.
The organizers are committed to a balanced discussion, and have invited many who oppose the support of Julian Assange.

Panel is open for the discussion.

Global solidarity photo campaign
#WeAreMillions to #FreeAssange

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